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Assistant Counselor Job Description

Since 1958, Solid Rock Bible Camp has provided the youth of Alaska with outdoor experiences to encourage a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Solid Rock will expect the assistant counselor to seek to meet campers, guests, and summer staff in the areas of their spiritual needs to foster a mindfulness of God and an understanding of His love.

The Assistant Counselor (AC) aids in taking care of basic camper needs at Solid Rock Bible Camp (SRBC) under the guidance of the program manager (PM), assistant program manager (APM), and counselor (C) of the program area they are designated.  This includes living with, leading, and supporting campers spiritually, physically, and emotionally while they are present at SRBC.  All of this is the primary role of the AC and relating these tasks to SRBC’s articles of faith, the mission, and vision of camp.


  • To promote unity and encourage others in the camp community.

  • To create a safe and caring cabin environment.

  • To watch for and encourage spiritual growth in your campers.

  • To seek opportunities to individually connect with each camper.

  • To ensure the safety of campers during your assigned activity periods and any time they are under your care.

  • To perform tasks as assigned by the PM, APM, and C.

  • To report any problems to the PM, APM, and C.

  • To report symptoms of ill-health to the camp health services volunteer promptly.

  • To talk with their Program Manager regarding campers’ behavioral issues or needs.

  • To ensure your cabin is clean and tidy throughout the week and especially during cabin clean-up.

  • To check camp lost and found with campers daily and before checkout.

  • To be punctual with your cabin group to scheduled meals, chapels, and other job assignments.

  • Solid Rock Ministries requires that all volunteers perform all tasks in a safe manner consistent with policies and state and federal laws.

  • Solid Rock Ministries may require staff to perform other duties as assigned on a temporary or infrequent basis.


  • Enforcement of best practices at SRBC guided by the PM, APM, and the C.

  • To help the C lead cabin group Bible study each day.

  • To work with and mentor the assigned campers.

  • To supervise/assist in the cabin group


Position requires a person with a commitment to safety, ethics, and honesty. Candidate must be able to move easily across a variety of indoor and outdoor terrain and work and teach in an outdoor setting.  Most importantly the applicant must have an appreciation for camp ministry, commitment to personal spiritual growth, and affirm and assign to SRBC’s Articles of Faith, Philosophy of SRBC, and Mission Statement.


  • Personal faith in Jesus Christ

  • A practice of personal Bible study and prayer

  • Willingness to share your faith and teach the Bible

  • Must be at least 15 years of age


  • Lifeguard Training with waterfront certification (Strongly Desired and we offer training)

  • First Aid and CPR certification (Strongly Desired and we offer training)

  • Camp belayer certified (Solid Rock certification may be acquired after hired)

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