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Why Camp?

Since 1958, Solid Rock Bible Camp has provided the youth of Alaska with outdoor experiences to encourage a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We seek to meet campers and guests in the areas of their spiritual needs and to foster a mindfulness of God and an understanding of his love.

Camp provides a unique environment that removes the distractions and expectations of everyday life and allows kids to explore decisions, friendships, and faith in an environment that encourages connection and learning. Through camp activities and traditions, kids have the opportunity to test their limits, overcome challenges, and build healthy relationships with peers and positive role models. We hope that every camper and guest encounters the transformational love of Jesus and seeks God's plan for their life. 

Statement of Beliefs

1. THE HOLY SCRIPTURES: We believe the Holy Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments to be the plenary, verbally inspired word of God, sufficient in themselves to be our complete and final authority for faith and daily living.


  1. The Godhead: We believe in one triune God, eternally existing in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who are co-equal in all their attributes. 

  2. The Person & Work of Christ: We believe the Lord Jesus Christ to be the eternal Son of God, who became incarnate in human flesh, being born of a virgin, Mary. We believe that He died on the cross as the substitutionary sacrifice for our sins; was buried; raised bodily again on the third day, ascended bodily into Heaven where He now carries on the work of intercessor and advocate on behalf of the redeemed ones. We believe in His personal, visible, glorious, imminent, pretribulation return for all the saved ones and His pre-millennial return to earth to set up His kingdom.

  3. The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit: We believe that Jesus Christ revealed the coming of the Holy Spirit as the third Person of the Trinity.
    To the saved: In regeneration; in indwelling, sealing and filling, as the source of power for Christian life and service; in teaching; restraining against sin; in baptizing  (positional—into Christ—not a baptism of power). We believe the tongues movement is unscriptural for today. 
    To the unsaved: Convicting of sin and of righteousness and judgement. 


  1.  Through Adam, man inherited a sinful nature and is helpless and unable to remedy his lost condition.

  2. God’s greatest gift to mankind is salvation through His Son.

  3. Christ shed His blood for our justification and sanctification. 

  4. Salvation is acquired by grace through faith apart from either ceremonial or active works.

  5. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are saved for all eternity and shall never lose their salvation. 

4. THE BELIEVER’S TWO NATURES: Every believer possesses two natures, his fleshly nature received in his natural birth, and his divine nature received in his spiritual birth from above. 


5. THE BELIEVER’S SEPARATION: The believer is expected to exalt and manifest Christ continuously in his daily life, his body being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, he is not to be conformed to this world. The believer is expected to rebuke apostate and heretical teachings and to separate himself from them. 

6. MISSIONS: It is the obligation of the saved to witness for Christ in order to win lost mankind to Him. 


  1. The Invisible Church: The invisible church consists of the whole body of believers, redeemed from the time of Christ to the time of the Rapture, which is yet future.

  2. The Visible Church: The visible, local church is an assembly of believers gathered together in for worship, fellowship, and proclamation of the Gospel. 

8. SATAN: Satan is revealed in the Scriptures as a person, the author of sin, the enemy of God and of the believer, the tempter leading to the fall of mankind. 

9. THE BLESSED HOPE: We believe the blessed hope of the Church to be the return of Christ for all His saints at the Rapture, when they shall be resurrected into the presence of Christ, to be forever with the Lord.

10. MAN’S ETERNAL ESTATE: We believe in the conscious bodily resurrection of all mankind, the saved to eternal life, and the unsaved to eternal punishment.

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