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Designed for teens going into grades 8-10, the Workcrew and WIT programs provide an opportunity to serve and assist with our summer program. These programs are super fun and include lots of opportunities to engage in camp activities, and Workcrew and WITs are doing work that is essential to keeping camp running smoothly. Candidates for the Workcrew and WIT programs should desire to grow in their Christian faith, make new friends, and be willing to work hard and try new things. Each member of Workcrew or WIT program will work for two weeks and will receive a free or discounted camp enrollment.

Registration for Work Crew is open!

Work Crew Program

The Workcrew keeps our dining room running smoothly, setting up, serving, and doing dishes for each meal. Workcrew also will assist with housekeeping and some outdoor projects and have a daily Bible study and activity time. Activities may include waterfront, games, bonfire, tie-dye, and more! Each workcrew session is two weeks, but workcrew members will return home on the weekend. Workcrew sessions are free and workcrew earn a free or discounted week of camp to attend as a camper; bus transportation to/from camp is available for most sessions for a fee.


Registration for the work crew program is subject to approval. 

Wrangler In Training 

The WITs (Wranglers in Training) work at the barn at Solid Rock Ranch, assisting with barn chores, horse care, and camper classes. This is a day only program; WITs do not spend the night at Camp. WIT work hours are 9:30 am-5:30 pm weekdays of their session with lunch provided. In addition to work duties like cleaning water troughs, feeding horses, and grooming and saddling horses, WITs will assist horsemanship instructors with riding and ground classes. WITs will also have the opportunity to ride, with 2-3 riding lessons per session and occasional ride times with campers when there is space in classes.


Registration for our WIT program is subject to approval. 


My child can’t do a full session. Can they work for only one week or mix session dates?

They must work the two week of their session. If you have a special request regarding attendance or special dates, please let us know, but we will only be able to accommodate special requests for a few weeks and only if there is room.

My child wants to work more that 2 weeks. Can they?

We may be able to allow them to work more weeks, especially if they are a returning workcrew/WIT. However, their earned discount caps at two weeks.

My child wants to be on Workcrew and be a WIT. Can they?

They can apply for both programs, but they may not be accepted in to both. And they cannot mix-and-match sessions—each session is all WIT or all Workcrew.

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