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Sports Camps

Solid Rock’s Sports camps offer a unique combination of quality instruction from experienced coaches and the fun of summer camp experiences. Workouts and coached sessions are balanced with a chance to take part in the many activities Solid Rock offers. All of our sports camps are beginner-friendly but also offer plenty of development opportunities for more advanced athletes.

Our Sports Camps

Summer 2024

June 23-29

Wakeboard/Waterski Camp (Grades 8-12) | $414

July 7-13

Basketball Camp (Grades 9-12) | $414

July 7-13

Volleyball Camp (Grades 9-12) | $414

More Information

Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Once you arrive at Solid Rock, you will be directed to the correct drop-off or pick up location for your child.


Please carefully note the drop-off and pick up times for your child's camp. Sports camps start at 5:00 pm on Sunday. Pick-up for these overnight camps is at 9:00 am on Saturday.

Cabinmate Request

We understand that kids want to be with their friends, especially if it's their first time at camp, and we do our best to accommodate those requests. Cabinmate requests can be made at the time of drop-off.

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