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Lakeside offers a variety of activities that challenge and develop personal and team skills. Campers can look forward to engaging with staff who are passionate about connecting youth with God, friends, and outdoor experiences. With a mixture of structured activities and plenty of free-time to swim or climb the giant rock, campers also enjoy boating, archery, the climbing tower, mountain boarding, and more!  Leave camp with new friends and fun memories!

Our Lakeside Camps

Summer 2023 (Past)

June 14-17

Primary Camp (Grades 3-4)  |  $199

June 18-24

Junior 1 Camp (Grades 5-7)  |  $334

June 25 - July 1

Wakeboard/Waterski / Running Camp (Grades 8-12)  |  $399

July 2-5

Family Camp (Now Open!)

July 5-8

Developmentally Disabled Camp  |  $0

July 9-14

Teen Camp (Grades 8-12)  |  $309

July 16-22

Junior 2 Camp (Grades 4-6)  |  $334

July 23-29

Basketball / Volleyball Camps (Grades 8-12)  |  $399

July 30 - August 4

Junior 3 (Grades 5-7)  |  $309

Lakeside Schedule

More Information

Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Once you arrive at Solid Rock, you will be directed to the correct drop-off or pick up location for your child.


Please carefully note the drop-off and pick up times for your child's camp. 

Cabinmate Request

We understand that kids want to be with their friends, especially if it's their first time at camp, and we do our best to accommodate those requests. Cabinmate requests can be made at the time of drop-off. 

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